• Market launch

    March 2021

    We hope that we have met your expectations, at least to some extent, and would be very happy to hear your first impressions. Please write to us.

  • WS-5 prototype

    January 2021

    Yes, this is a pre-production version. Simple and reliable.

  • WS-4 prototype

    March 2020

    One more design version. This version was built using advanced electronics.

  • EU funding received

    July 2019

    Our project has received EU funding under the fast track competition organized by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD) and funded by the Smart Growth Operational Program (SGOP).

  • WS-3 prototype

    June 2019

    Another small step forward. We see a light in the tunnel.

  • WS-2 prototype

    January 2019

    Testing various options. We are facing a lot of challenges.

  • Engineering workshop

    October 2018

    How do you design your device well if you don't know exactly what challenges it will face? We learned the answer to this question at a workshop for engineering staff.

  • Funding from an EU Fund

    July 2018

    The project received additional funding from the LSI Fund, working in cooperation with the NCRD, using the resources of the European Regional Development Fund. Thank you !

  • User Workshop

    February 2018

    We have completed the workshop where we received feedback from potential end-users of our device. A very important and creative phase of the entire project.

  • Support received from good people

    January 2018

    Three gentlemen - John George Lillywhite, Ian Keith Johnson, and Howard David da Silva have placed their support and trust in us. It allowed us to continue our project. Thank you!

  • WS-1 prototype

    June 2017

    It works, but not always how we would like it to work :-)

  • Preparing for production of WS-1 prototype

    January 2017

    Finally, something specific – we are starting to assemble the first prototype. Will it really work?

  • Idea / Project start

    October 2016

    While others fly to the moon, people with reduced mobility can't afford a device to climb the stairs on their own. We decided to change that. Let's get started.